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Hi! We are ZED.

And we want to work with you.

A subsidiary of Republic, ZED is an agency for and by Gen Z that connects brands and businesses with this unique and powerful generation.


ZED’s mission is to deliver impactful work that resonates with a Gen Z audience. From tapping into our network to gain strategic insights and identify what makes them tick, to content co-creation by putting the brief in the hands of the audience for truly audience generation contributions, ZED manages and guides the process to ensure you get the most effective solution to connect with this growing demographic.


Guided by our ZED team, our ZED Network is a collection of 16 to 24 year-olds across Canada. The Network is comprised of a 50/50 mix of rural and urban Canadian youth, all of which are either in high school, early post secondary, or are not in school. They are socially saavy, counting Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as their top social media platforms, and identifying across a range of heritages from Aboriginal, Hispanic, African American, Arabic, South or East Asian, and Caucasian.

If you want to work with ZED, please connect with Fiona Scott, Managing Director at fiona@wearezed.com.